The modern organization produces data and information every nano-second. These advancements are revolutionizing our way of working and living.

But, in many ways, data and information are still existing in silos, unable to be unleashed to their fullest potential to optimize the critical decisions that organizations make daily. Without integration, enrichment, analytics, and sophisticated AI tools, the value of the data remains suboptimal.

Pensieve believes that human intelligence can be 1,000x and more with technology. Unleashing the fullest potential of data and analytics will help organizations make better decisions and deliver more value to better our world.

We believe that big data, AI, and ML could improve our way of working.

A 2021 KPMG study found that enterprises experienced 30% average business growth when implementing AI analytics in their operations & functions. Analytics improve enterprises' way of working from cost reduction, improving speed and efficiency, to making a more data-driven decision.

We acknowledge problems surrounding enterprises that need to make data-driven decisions to achieve business goals.

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day, but not every enterprise and institution can handle that much volume, velocity, and variety of data. That's why Pensieve helps to create a solution that allows fusing the data and eventually gaining data-driven insights into a single frictionless platform. Pensieve enables delivering the right insight to the right user at a critical time.