Your journey to make an impact in cyber technology and AI development industry starts here!

We are on our quest to find the most passionate people in Cyber Technology and AI.

Step into the world of Pensieve, where cyber technology,
AI, and deep tech converge for Governments and
Defense Agencies.

So, what happens once you apply?



It all starts with an online interview with you, during which we'd like to learn about your background and interests.


1-Day Trial

You will be invited to join an 1-day office working trial at Pensieve (only applicable for certain positions). You will also undertake several assessments related to the role you choose (when it is deemed necessary).


Decisions and Offer

In the end, we'll evaluate your application based on the feedback of the Team Lead and CEO. The offering will be sent directly to you, and if you respond with a "yes," then welcome to the Pensive team!

Pensieve is all about creating an environment where you can thrive and grow.

Our company values work as guiding principles that keep us in sync with one another and our clients for the most excellent results.


We believe in putting honesty first and firmly sticking to an ethical framework.


We proactively take ownership of tasks, acting on behalf of the company as if it were our own.

Empowerment and Trust

We trust and empower our team members to make decisions and solve issues quickly and effectively.


We believe in people who take accountability and responsibility.

Results Driven

We emphasize action over talk in our focused and decisive approach to delivery.

Learn from Mistake

We embrace errors as opportunities for growth and continuously seeking insights to improve.

Get to know us!

From the people who make Pensieve an amazing place to work.

“Pensieve it's not just a workplace, but a great place to learn where I've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional executives, feeling empowered to shape decisions and strategies in the best work environment I've ever experienced. The dynamic business environment ensures that every day brings new opportunities to learn about our products, making each day uniquely rewarding.”

Denata Pancarani Martjandah, Product Manager


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